The Hayward Area Planning Association (HAPA) was formed in 1976 in order to research, educate, and advocate for Hayward area planning and environmental issues like saving open space, supporting locally owned businesses, encouraging green mobility, creating and preserving walkable neighborhood systems, and reduction of dependence on personal automobiles.

Downtown Hayward Overview

HAPA has long advocated for Hayward downtown. Members support, and, in some cases, own, local restaurants and bookstores. We have ideas to preserve and enhance downtown Hayward. Some of these ideas are listed below.

A Destination Scenario. Downtown can and should be a destination, not an island surrounded by an expressway with wide streets and fast traffic. Getting people downtown requires complementary and comprehensive policies, including:

Loop Reform: going back to two-way streets. Keep B and C streets as a one-way pair. Reduce speeds on Mission Boulevard, Make the “pass-through” area less attractive to “pass-through” traffic. Make parking easier for businesses on Mission Boulevard. HAPA is collaborating with the Hayward City Council on alternatives to the current loop system. Loop reform is the top public works priority on the Hayward City Council list for 2024.

Non-auto modes: safer crosswalks, East Bay Greenway, bike lanes and parking.

Cost-effective parking for autos: increased surface parking, smart meters.

Sustainable land development: more residents, public spaces designed for social interaction.

Fast, frequent shuttles to CSUEB, Southland Mall, Chabot College, and the Amador Government Center.

Sustainable corridors: walkable housing along corridors to CSUEB and Chabot College.