HAPA advocates ideas and actions that will dramatically improve downtown Hayward, growing its economy, increasing its sustainability, and making it a nice place to spend time. We believe the loop needs to be reformed, and are working with the City of Hayward to design and make these reforms into reality.

As of June, 2024, the City of Hayward is planning to address the realities of the downtown Loop area. Our ideas for the downtown Loop include a return to two-way streets where possible, potential parking returned in front of businesses, a possible traffic circle at the Foothill/Mission/Jackson intersection.

We found this helpful video on Roundabouts/Traffic Circles on YouTube

We oppose wide streets which encourage speeding through-traffic. We oppose new parking structures, which are ugly and, to us, unnecessary. We want to see downtown Hayward pedestrian-friendly. We want to see more people using transit, more people walking and biking. We want downtown businesses to thrive, creating a vibrant downtown that welcomes locals and visitors.

These ideas and many more are being updated as they occur.