The Garin Woods hiking trail is part of the Garin/Dry Creek Park land. The land lies on the CSUEB campus, but is managed by the Hayward Parks Department.

Clean up: the land has not been sufficiently cleaned up from the time it was a research facility. There are wrecked cars remaining from probably 75 years ago.

HAPA is committed to the removal of the wrecks in order to improve the recreational experience of park users.

Bureaucracy: we have been in communication with HARD, CSUEB and everyone we can think of who may be of assistance in the removal of the wrecks.

Tow Trucks: we have offered to have the wrecks removed by tow trucks at our personal expense. Multiple tow agencies have been to the site and determined that the wrecks cannot be safely removed from the area using conventional tow trucks.

DIY: we have reached a sufficient level of frustration that we are considering buying a large saw like Fire Departments use, cutting the wrecks into manageable size chunks, and removing them ourselves. Our latest communication with various local officials seem to indicate that we do not need to do this yet!

The effort continues: we are in discussions with other agencies and may have a plan for removal of the wrecks, along with restoration of the site. As efforts progress, updates will follow.