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Building Boom on Mission Blvd: Hayward builds Housing

We’ve been curious about big housing projects going up along South Mission Boulevard in Hayward, California. It looked like four or five big projects had been built in recent years. So we decided to investigate.

As we looked along the corridor we found more and more housing projects under construction. Our criteria were three or more stories, built in recent years, but we did include the apartment complex at Tennyson and Mission by the SoHay BART station which is the oldest project along Mission Blvd. It is in fact the only big project that was built for many years until the recent housing construction boom.

After many hours of work we found 13 projects along South Mission Blvd. totaling 1258 units. That is very impressive. It was also interesting how much variety there was that met our criteria. There were large rental apartment buildings, three-story townhouses, and condominiums. Most were on Mission Blvd, but many were on new streets built specifically for the project itself. Some of these streets were private so we were unable to see what the project looked like using Google Maps Streetview. As time allows, we will upload phots of the “off-limits” projects.

The attached spreadsheet has a list of all the projects and their characteristics, and a tab for each project. The tab shows a property map on the upper left, facades and satellite view on the right. Below the property map are details about the project and copies of building permits below that. Most of the builders are nationally known corporations.

Mission Boulevard Building Boom, 2024 (download as .xls file)

Ruby Meadow, . . . Gone, October 4, 2023

Bulldozers roared, and trees fell at Ruby Meadow by Crescent Avenue and Ruby Street in Castro Valley last Tuesday, September 28, marking the start of Eden Housing’s affordable housing development there. Read more… (Castro Valley Forum)

Ruby Meadow, Going . . . Going . . ., June 29, 2021

The planned development for “affordable” housing is anything but, speaking sustainable-y. The first thing I noticed was that all the parking was underneath and, therefore, could not be unbundled. Then I noticed the trail required by the zoning had been eliminated, there was no busway, there was no village square, there was no cafe, there was nothing that made it possible to live there without owning a car, no village bus, no village van, no vouchers, no guaranteed ride home, no accommodation for public cars.

Saving Ruby Meadow, June 22, 2021

Ruby Meadow: Save or Pave?