Parking Garage vs Student Housing

Do students come with cars attached?
Have student been consulted about whether they want a parking structure or housing?
Has CSUEB administration studied the sustainability and economic aspects of preferring parking structures over student housing?
Is CSUEB administration aware that the Five-Year Plan is inconsistent with the Campus Master Plan?
Document 1: CSU, FIVE-YEAR PLAN, 2019/2020 through 2023/2024, p. 67,
Self-Support / Other Projects
Pioneer Heights Student Housing and Parking, Ph. 4A
This project will construct a 250-bed dormitory, 750-space parking garage, and student housing amenities (multi-purpose room, housing, offices, and a convenience store). The project is the first phase of an intended multi-phase approach to address the shortage of student housing on campus. Proceeding with this project is dependent on a viable financial plan and qualification for placement into the Systemwide Revenue Bond Program. [bold added]
Documents 2 and 3 call for 500 spaces.
Document 2: Hayward Campus Master Plan, September 2009
5. Land Use and Site Development Framework, p. 100/PDF 20 (See R1 Pioneer Heights),

table 12 parking parcels

Document 3:
7. Access, Circulation and Parking Framework,
p. 140/PDF 8 relating to R1 parking

table 18 parking counts

5 residential structure

Document 4:
9. Precinct Plans,
p. 187/PDF 13

design concepts

Document 5:
p. 188/PDF 14

figure 67

Note: the design concepts J. to Q. are not shown in Figure 67, and the letters A to J in
Figure 67 are not explained elsewhere. C is the parking structure.
Note: The above is the only known information on plan for new student housing and
student housing parking garage.
Document 6:
7. Access, Circulation and Parking Framework, p. 152/PDF 20 Transportation Demand

transportation demand management

p. 153/PDF 21

table 19 project parking

Note: The above is the only known information on TDM.
Document 7:

nelson nygaard

Is there any report superseding the Nelson Nygaard report of June 2012?
Document 8:
California State University, Sustainability in The California State University 2014 – 2017,
p. 38/PDF 42,
sustainability/Documents/2014-17-Sustainability.pdf. (no date of publication)


p. 43/PDF 47

equity, affordability

Is there any document relating this Sustainability report to the student housing parking
Document 9:
Joint Meeting, Committee on Educational Policy and Committee on Campus Planning,
Buildings and Grounds, Agenda Item 1, California State University Sustainability Policy
Proposal, May 20-21, 2014, Page 2 of 6.

3 the csu

Is there any document that relates this policy to the student housing parking garage?