Wrecks on the Garin Woods Trail

Garin Woods is part of the Garin Dry Creek Park land. The trail lies on CSUEB land and is managed by the Hayward Parks District. There are old wrecked cars that have been there for probably 75 years.

HAPA is committed to the removal of these wrecks for improved public recreational use of the trail.

Bureaucracy: We are actively communicating with CSUEB, HARD, and any other agency we can find to remove these wrecks.

Tow Trucks: We have had tow companies assess the area, and the wrecks are not towable.

Doing it ourselves: We have considered buying a heavy-duty saw, similar to what is used by Fire Departments to dismantle vehicles. We firmly believe the wrecks can be dismantled and carried out in small, movable chunks.

We will keep this site updated on our progress.